Although seen by many as "not Ham Radio", VOIP is here to stay whether we like it or not. Whilst some of these systems simply don't float my boat, there are a couple that I have found to be quite useful.

I am currently set up for operation on Echolink, and one of our local repeaters is linked up via IRLP. I am also available via Skype.

My Echolink station is set up to only allow calls from specific callsigns. I only use Echolink occasionally, but have found it to be a very useful system. Audio quality is good, and it is able to run comfortably alongside several other programs.

My local radio society (Port Elizabeth Amateur Radio Society) set up an IRLP node (node 8662) on one of our local repeaters. This repeater is situated approximately 4km from my QTH. Whilst not a frequent user of the IRLP system, I regularly monitor the frequency.

I can also be reached via Skype (barry.murrell). Skype runs permanently at home, but runs on a machine in my shack, thus I can only answer when I am busy in the shack!

I have also tried QSONet's CQ100, but was not impressed.